Why Do People Use Stimulants?
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Why Do People Use Stimulants?

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Happiness is at the root of people’s decisions. What can make me the most happy? What will make me feel good? What will take away this pain, anxiety, or sadness? We are always trying to fix the feelings and behaviors we don’t want anymore. No one is immune to these feelings. So, going into the topic of drugs, what really is the point? Why choose something harmful to your body? It goes back to wanting that happiness. Instead of working hard towards happiness and feeling good, the “easy” way is to use drugs to fake that feeling. (It’s never worth it) Drugs, like stimulants or “uppers” excite the central nervous system and create a “rush” in the brain.

Although there are medical needs for stimulant prescription drugs like Ritalin and Adderall for ADHD, all drugs can be abused. The positive feeling that comes from the drugs interacting with the brain turns into a craving and addiction. This is why stimulant drugs are so dangerous; they are very powerful.

Drugs are used to combat boredom and anxiety. For example, a student going to a school party might take a Ritalin to give them a boost. Someone who is struggling with self-confidence might take meth or cocaine to feel a happy high. None of effects are real; they are short lived and always harmful to physical health.

Next time you are worried, sad, scared, etc., take a mental scan of your body and mind. Do something that will lift you up naturally, like take a walk in nature, read an intriguing book, or call a close friend. Skip the drugs and choose life.