What Makes a Drug Helpful vs. Harmful?
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What Makes a Drug Helpful vs. Harmful?

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When someone is talking about taking drugs, it can sometimes be confusing as to weather they’re using medication for the right or wrong reasons. Most drugs you will see in your lifetime are made by scientists to help people that are sick feel better. However, there are drugs out there that aren’t designed with the purpose of curing the ill; but are instead used recreationally and can cause harmful side effects and get you in a lot of trouble. Even some drugs that are made for helpful reasons can be bad if used by the wrong people. Confusing right? Here’s a basic breakdown of the good vs. bad drugs and why even some good drugs can cause problems if used by the wrong person.

Drugs You’ll Find in the Store

The drugs you’ll find in the store are legal drugs, that basically means they’ve been created with a purpose to help certain people. There are two types of legal drugs, prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC). You need to see a doctor who will diagnose you with an illness in order to receive a prescription drug from your local pharmacist. Over-the-counter drugs are easier to get a hold of and can cure things like headaches, muscle cramps, bloating and other common discomforts. Even though both drugs are meant to help people doesn’t mean they can’t do the exact opposite if used incorrectly or by the wrong person. It’s important that you never take medication that is prescribed to somebody else! Doctors are very smart people and they check that your body will react well with the type and dosage of drug before they prescribe it to you. Misuse can lead to harmful reactions! Over-the-counter drugs can also be dangerous if you don’t read the label. Make sure to only take the recommended dosage and to pay attention to all warning labels. If you’re not sure, always ask before taking these types of drugs.

Drugs You Won’t Find in the Store

Drugs that you won’t ever find in stores are illegal drugs and are usually obtained from a drug dealer or a friend. These can be extremely dangerous because of their lack of regulation and chemical makeup. Street drugs can include deadly toxins and mood-altering substances that can cause your body distress and potentially even lead to death. It’s always best to say no to street drugs and remember that if you feel you need medication to feel better, there are doctors for that!

The word “drugs” has a negative connotation to it, but drugs save lives every day! It’s only when street drugs become involved or when helpful drugs are misused or used by the wrong person that the situation becomes dangerous. It’s always best to ask questions rather than take the risk.