What Are Depressants?
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What Are Depressants?

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Depressants are drugs that slow brain activity, meaning they are literal “downers.” They reduce stimulation and slow messages in the central nervous system. With these drugs, a person is more able to relax and let loose. However, this impacts concentration, coordination, and reaction time. Because of these effects, depressants are usually used to combat anxiety, stress, and sleep disorders, among others. Some examples of “downers” include sleeping pills, alcohol, Xanax, and Numbutal.

General effects of depressant use may be: impaired judgment, slowed breathing, reduced anxiety, and slowed breathing. As the dose is increased, a person might experience vomiting, memory loss, and unconsciousness. Drug use is a serious matter, and must always be monitored carefully. Any drug can become addictive. With “downers” especially, the abuse comes into play when the user cannot survive without the numbing, calming effects of the drug. The feeling becomes a craving, and leads to dependence, and ultimately addiction.

Opioids are one of the strongest of depressant drugs. Drugs like Codeine and Hydrocodone are regulated and legal, while heroin is widely known as the top illegal opioid. The long term effects of heroin include damaged nose tissue for those who snort the drug, heart infection, abscesses, liver and kidney disease, and reproductive problems in men and women. The strength of these drugs is highly dangerous. In 2018, 128 people died every day after overdosing on opioids in the United States.

It is essential to educate yourself on the effects of drugs and the problems they create. Drugs of all kinds need to be taken seriously and with care. Be safe and take care of your body.