Types of Stimulants
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Types of Stimulants

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Drugs that increase alertness and concentration are stimulants. These drugs stimulate the central nervous system and activate the reward system in the brain. The reason they are so dangerous is because of the addictive nature of rewards in the brain. Chemicals like dopamine cause the body to feel pleasure; it is essentially a happy chemical. The body starts to crave the happy feeling, and is unable to function without it. It’s important to be aware of this potential, and to be aware of the drugs that can lead to these behaviors.

Meth: Meth, short for Methamphetamine, is a powerful stimulant drug that creates the feeling of power without emotions, as well as a lack of appetite. It is a scary drug because it makes the user feel invincible. There are serious dangers that come along with meth, including extreme self-absorption, twitching, vomiting, decayed teeth, and potential stroke and death.

Ritalin: Ritalin as well as Adderall are used to treat attention deficit disorder. When abused, these prescription drugs are crushed and snorted. They make the user feel energetic and excited. That is a small “positive” effect for such negative impacts on health. With snorting, the drug can actually burn holes in the nose. Additionally, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, seizure, and death are all potential causes of drug use.

Cocaine: Coke or Cocaine is a highly reactive drug, capable of creating a false sense of pleasure followed by an extreme crash. It is snorted, injected, and smoked when used. Although the drug can bring short pleasure, it is dangerous on many levels, causing seizures, heart attack, sexual problems, lung damage, HIV, nosebleeds, and stomach issues. Crack is a form of cocaine that is smoked, and even more dangerous as it affects the brain at a quicker pace. Overdose and death can happen with both drugs.

Drugs are never worthwhile. They are dangerous and deadly. You deserve to have a happy, fulfilled life. Choose life!