Teens Who Have The Highest Risk of Falling Victim to Substance Abuse
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Teens Who Have The Highest Risk of Falling Victim to Substance Abuse

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First and foremost, having addiction in the family is a major risk factor. Though the gene can be passed down, a family members life doesn’t automatically determine a teens.

Teens with behavioral or mental health issues are at a much higher risk of developing a drug or alcohol problem. It’s hard for teens with conditions like anxiety, depression or ADD to regulate their emotions and thoughts, and so it’s possible they’ll rely on self-medicating. A professional should evaluate mental health conditions so that prescribed medications are truly helping the problem, not masking it.

Traumatic events in a teen’s life have similar potential effects as those with mental health conditions. Traumatic experiences can linger in someone’s life for years to come and can be extremely difficult to deal with if not handled properly. For this reason, teens often turn to an easy “solution”.

Don’t mistake risk factors for a crystal ball. Perfectly nurtured teens can be exposed to poor influences and turn into someone unrecognizable. It’s important to weight environment equally. Teens try drinking and use drugs for all different reasons. Some of the more likely explanations are peer pressure, pop culture, boredom, rebellion, and lack of confidence.

Teens themselves can battle these circumstances by understanding them. A temporary solution to a very real problem shouldn’t be handled all alone, and definitely shouldn’t be disguised with substance abuse. Don’t resort to a life changing Band-Aid, know yourself and get help when you need it.