Stand Up To Bullying
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Stand Up To Bullying

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In middle school and high school, bullying is a common experience for students. The CDC reports middle schoolers experiencing the highest levels of bullying at 28% compared to 16% at high school. However, for those students who identify as LGBTQ, it’s even worse, 40% experience bullying over 22% for straight students. Since bullying poses an obvious problem for youth, it’s important to learn to stand up to bullies and defend your friends and those in need. Instead of letting bullying go unnoticed, be part of the equation to help.

Identifying a bully is fairly straight-forward. Most bullies are the ones who hold the power, they are the group leaders per say. They are also quick to lie and cheat, and have to be right at all times. The leader, or bully, will often have a pack of followers that enable and allow for negative behaviors. A quick tip for standing up to a bully, remember your inner worth and power. Just because someone might have a hold over you does not make you inferior. You are your own individual, and have a unique power all to yourself. If you or a friend experiences an act of bullying, the best thing to do is to tell someone you trust and spread the word. Creating awareness of the situation is an important step to diffuse the bully’s power. Stand strong, stand up, and stand proud. Bullies often target individuals who are the minority or lone wolf. Make yourself known to those smaller groups. Be available for support. Being a friend to someone in need is one of the kindest acts. Kindness goes a long way.

If a bully does not stop their behavior, please tell a trusted adult in authority. There will always be someone to count on - a teacher, principal, parent, older brother/sister, etc. You do not have to face bullies alone. Stand up for yourself and for others!