Making Good Decisions
Making Good Decisions

Making Good Decisions

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You make decisions constantly throughout your day. To understand the magnitude of this concept, just think about it! What are you going to wear today? When will you leave for school? Are you going to hang out with your friends tonight? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert? Based on research from Cornell University, we make 226.7 decisions each day just on food. The important thing is to focus on making good decisions, especially those decisions that will impact your future.

Most, if not all, people from the age of 8 to 15 are in school. This time in your life is crucial to your future; you learn so many life skills in such a short amount of time. Daily habits, like waking early, eating right, doing homework, and exercising start becoming a part of the routine. If you can get good habits down earlier, the better it will be later. So let’s get down to it; how do you make good decisions?

State of Mind

Your emotional state of being will affect your ability to make good decisions. If you are depressed and stressed, the likelihood of a good decision is low. In order to do your best, get yourself into a calm, safe environment. Listen to soft music if you have to, sit in your room, or get some fresh air to clear your mind. When you are sufficiently relaxed, then you can start to weigh your options.


Options, options, options! So many choices, how do you decide? There are plenty of ways to work through making a decision. Try creating a picture in your mind, jot down a Venn diagram, or make a list to help yourself visualize the options. When you have everything in front of you, start working through the ones that don’t make as much sense. Use your gut feeling! You know what is best for you.


All right, you’ve got your probably decision in front of you. Great! If you are still having trouble deciding, not to worry, you have a whole group of people very willing to come alongside you. Ask family members, teachers, or friends. But, be aware of those people who are not trustworthy, or those people who make bad decisions themselves. Find the person who always steers in the right path.