It’s Worth It To Be Drug Free
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It’s Worth It To Be Drug Free

Posted in: Awareness

Many people feel like they have to drink and use drugs to be “fun.” In reality, those substances actually dim your personality, especially with heavy use. Drug and alcohol addiction fuels isolation, mood swings, and unfriendly behavior. Instead of becoming the life of the party, loneliness sets in. Without the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol, you can be happy and free to be yourself and enjoy the fullness life has to offer. Here are some of the few reasons why it’s better to be drug free.

  1. Healthy Body and Mind: Drugs and alcohol impact the body in a variety of ways, from hiding emotional pain to changing the wiring of the brain. In dependence of substances like this, the body cannot thrive in its natural state. Emotional and physical health will significantly improve with beneficial behaviors like exercise, mindful eating, and meditation.
  2. Communication: Because drugs and alcohol change brain chemistry, they often effect the ability to communicate well with others. It is very hard to rework communication skills after they have been dampened by drugs. Choose the better path to engage with friends and family. Keep your relationships alive and well.
  3. Achieve Success: Alcohol and drugs can easily get in the way of success in school. Instead of being involved in school activities and participating in class, unhealthy substances take over the drive and motivation to succeed in school. Inability to focus, lack of social skills, and drowsiness are common symptoms of substance users. Don’t let drugs and alcohol ruin your chances for success in school, future career, and life.
  4. Social Issues: Problems of all sorts come hand in hand with drug and alcohol use. When things get out of control, you lose the power of your actions, and make bad decisions. This can result in arrest, health effects, sexually transmitted diseases, injuries, school suspension - you name it. The negative effects of drug and alcohol use are unlimited.

Remember, you are important. You are worthwhile. Your body and mind deserve your respect and love. Think twice before partaking in drugs and alcohol.