Creative Ways To Say No To Alcohol
Creative Ways To Say No To Alcohol

Creative Ways To Say No To Alcohol

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When you’re sitting in a health class, it’s easy to think of yourself as a kid who wouldn’t dare consider facing the many consequences of underage drinking. The real challenge comes when you face the pressure to experiment head-on. It’s important to know that although the setting may have changed, you haven’t.

Picture this: You’re at a party with a bunch of your friends and it turns out it’s a parent-free night. Someone brought alcohol and you’ve been offered a drink. After some brief inner turmoil you’ve decided that the best thing to do is turn down the offer. This decision didn’t come easy and now it could be even harder to verbalize it. What if they keep pressuring you after you’ve said no? What if they make fun of you? You’ll be happy to know that there is always a way out. If a simple “no” doesn’t do the trick, here are some other ways to talk your way out of the peer pressure to drink.

Be the designated driver

No one will ever question the lack of beer in your hand if they’re replaced with car keys. It also helps keep your friends safe! If you have your license, whip out your keys or borrow the keys of a true friend who’s also at the party. Even if it’s just a prop, the pressure drops.

Talk about your plans for the next day

Maybe you have a big exam to study for or an early sports practice day. Even if you don’t have anything to do in the morning, you can tell your friends you need a clear mind when you wake up. Rather than straight up saying you’re waiting until you’re 21, just take it one day at a time.

Carry a bottle of soda or water

Find something non-alcoholic to drink and keep it in your hands. Your friends won’t think twice about what’s in the bottle and be less likely to keep pressuring you to try what they brought to the party.

Put it all on your parents

We’ve all pretended like we couldn’t hang out with someone we didn’t like because “our parents said no.” Tell the friends that your parents are super strict and you’d be grounded for life if they caught you drinking. It might even be true!

While it’d be much easier if a simple “no” did the trick, kids don’t always respect such an offer being turned out. Never feel like you have to do something you know is wrong; instead, get creative!