Can You Vape Marijuana?
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Can You Vape Marijuana?

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The use of traditional e-cigarettes (or vapes) has become very popular among teenagers due to their ease of access and sleek designs. Many users even believe it’s a healthier alternative. Not only are they being used as replacement cigarettes, but to inhale marijuana as well. The leaf form of marijuana isn’t used in vape pens, instead, heat is applied to the liquid form of THC by the battery powered mediums and consequently turned into vapor.

Switching the way you ingest marijuana doesn’t make it any safer. By vaping weed, you still subject yourself to the psychoactive chemicals which are associated with impaired motor skills, distorted memory, slow reflexes, and other side effects. When vaping weed, you also ingest other chemicals that are mixed with the liquid THC that can harm your lungs, mouth, and airway. It’s important to note that recreational marijuana that is not obtained legally, isn’t regulated. In fact, even legally obtained liquid cartridge THC can be hard to determine its exact ingredients.

Studies have found that things like cancer-causing compounds, metal debris, and dangerous chemicals that are meant to add flavor to the aerosol often make their way into the body when using a vape pen. Just last year, the U.S faced an overwhelming amount of teenage vape-related deaths. While studies found that vaping (even non-marijuana products) came with severe risk, most of the cases were correlated with the use of liquid THC. The illness, EVALI, short for e-cigarette, or vaping product use associated lung injury was accompanied by shortness of breath, chills, weight loss, abdominal pain, and in some cases death.

Many studies point their finger at bootleg liquid THC to be the culprit, but there is not yet a definitive answer. All in all, vaping marijuana has become more and more common amongst teens and young adults, but they’re paying the price. Vaping may look cool and convenient, but at what cost?